Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Amelie found a worm.

James was a little more cautious. 

And then I made her go put it back in the dirt. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tuesday Swim & Picnic

On Tuesday, I took the kids to Little Swimmers at the ARC.

They wouldn't pose for a picture. We like candids anyway, right?

Then we had a picnic at the neighborhood park.

 They still wouldn't pose for a picture.

After that we played at the park.

And by 'played,' I mean 'did some creative landscaping.'

Not pictured: We had a playdate with our former neighbor Finn Tuesday evening. I'm doing my best to wear them out, since it's still light outside at 8pm!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Flat Stanley

Amelie's class at preschool read Flat Stanley, the story of a boy who is squished flat by a bulletin board. I suspect this may not be our last encounter with Stanley. In 2009, Sam & I took a few photos for one of the kids' cousins out in California. Here's hoping the link works, since it was pre-baby-Buffaloe-blog & I put it on Facebook. Then in 2011, Flat Madi came to visit.

We didn't have very long with him, but he was at our house long enough for James to get jealous so he colored one, too, and Dada helped him cut it out.

Flat Stanley went rock climbing ...  

Tree climbing ...

And to swim lessons :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hat Day

The kids' preschool is celebrating the week of the young child. Monday was Pajama Day and Sam took them in, so there are no pictures :) Wednesday was Hat Day & today is  Show and Tell. James chose a flashlight, though he keeps holding it up to his eye and calling it a telescope (or maybe a periscope, he's not totally clear). Amelie chose the nightlight that projects the planets onto the ceiling. I'm not sure that they'll be able to see it in class (maybe with the lights off?)

Anyway - here they are in their hats:

James called the sombrero a "pirate princess" hat, which offended Amelie, but honestly it does look somewhat pirate-y and princess-y. 

Updated to add: Amelie says they went into the bathroom in Ms. Annika's room to see the night light.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Swim Lessons

It's that time of year again! The kids (yes, James too this time) are signed up for swim lessons through the ARC.

Warm-up is important.

This is the only picture I have of James! Sam gets in with him for the parent-child class & they're across the pool.

Amelia is so excited about all of it, she can barely contain herself.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Steppin' Out Saturday

Sam & I went out last night to the wedding of one of his co-workers. It was at the Tiger Hotel downtown, which I hadn't been in since the renovation, and it was lovely. We sat at a table with the folks from the office, and they kept the conversation interesting to the (very few!) non-lawyers in the bunch.

They had a fun photo booth. Thanks to Casey & Trisha for letting us be a part of the celebration.

And thank you to the grandparents Buffaloe for babysitting!

Friday, April 10, 2015

James Says / Amelie Says

The first thing James says in the morning is usually, "Is it daytime?" 

When he wore shorts for the first time this spring, he ran his hands over his shins and said, "Where my pants go? They no here. They cutted them off."

James wanted up at the computer with me and I said I needed to order a present for my friend who was getting married first. Sensing a present-getting opportunity, he said, "I GETTING MARRIED!" 

Out of nowhere, he walked up to me and asked, "We go to Tiger Bounce with Hattie today?" That makes sense, because we've been once (several months ago) and hadn't said anything about it since.

If James gets to play with another kid, he'll often say, "He my friend. He my cousin." 

When we are stopped at a red light, the rear-facing backseat driver will yell, "Go! Go! It green!" 

We met 6-week old Baby Ellory and James said, "Dis baby belongs to ME." 

At the park today, I overheard Amelie telling another girl that, "Birds aren't mammals. They lay eggs." A little bit after that she displayed a few more social graces and asked, "Have you heard of Jake and the Neverland Pirates?" Then later James told an 8-year old, "Big boy! You can't go in my hideout!" 

I haven't been good about keeping track of the funny things Amelie says recently - maybe in part because now what's funny about them is long and complicated. I should try to make a video of her telling a story.

Updated with: Just now, Amelie came to get me and said, "Mom, would you like to see how many branches I collected for the giraffe feeding box?"